What Do You Consider In An Online Business Template?

For your web site to boost you business a head, you need to have the high quality web templates. This is because this is the first thing for your customers to look at. This will attract them and they will decide to know more about your website. Make your website look attractive and easy for a client to navigate through easily. Make sure your web site is appealing and the theme should picture the contents of your website nicely. This method is the most significant in online business template. The theme is the major or main topic for your web site that will attract customers or disappoint them. It should be appealing for the customers. Well-designed web site generates a lot of income to the business. This is by the use of online business template.

You can get a good number of web templates on the Internet. Some you might purchase and the others are free. It is for your own choice to go for the paid one or free. For you to start designing your own web site you need to have one for the start. They are simple to use and valuable. The only thing for you to do is to install them, which is a simple task. After performing those activities, you need to edit them yourself. Editing is not hard task it is simple to install because it is just following some steps and complete the installation. You need to make a wise decision to choose the perfect business template for your business. There are some ways of selecting the right and useful business templates.

Template should correspond to your business

The templates you are going to choose should go hand in hand with the theme of your business. For example, if you are dealing with marketing business, it should match with it. The online business is very competitive. Therefore, you need to have the quality templates for your business. Get the required or suitable color that will be pleasing to your clients. For example, if your business is about agriculture you have to use the green color that represents the plants. You can use blue color, which symbolize safety and peace, if your business is about financial management. You will get enough satisfaction if and only if you use the right images and fonts. Make use of template features.

Displaying the screenshots

The selection you will make should please you are your clients. Before attempting to download the web templates, you should make sure you have displayed or viewed the screenshotsThis should be done even before you start using you web templates. This will help you have a clear picture of what you are using. You will come up or download the best quality web templates for your web site.

Reflect on the features and the layout

The features should be considered because they make the page look attractive. Features like animation, font, and colors should be highly considered. Check if the layout is perfect. This one will help your clients to navigate through the pages easily. It should be simple to follow and easy to use.



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She knows because it looks generic, templates are always easy to tell… Tell her if she wants a custom job it's going to take longer and cost more. if she says OK, you better be ready to do a good job on a custom site.

I do all of my sites in flash, I have created a ton of my own templates to work with, but when you are writing code instead of pasting pictures its impossible to really use a template.


What I gathered from reading lots of articles and posts:


As always, thanks for the help buddyShakil recently posted..Photoshop cs5 tutorials for Web Templates Part 2B


Whitney, this is exactly why I tell artists not to rely on artist website templates. They’re inflexible and amateurish. I’d recommend having a professionally built site. It’ll be a hefty up front cost, but worth it in the long run.


You should first learn HTML and JavaScript. Once you've learnt them the next step is to go further. If you have done C Programming, learn PHP. You will find it much like C. And PHP is more in demand in the market now a days. Visit the link below. It contain short less-time-consuming tutorials on web page development technologies.


Submitting a link and actually having it show up at the top of the Search Engines Results Page are two totally different things. One being very simple, the other being people can focus an entire career on.

I've got two posts for you, one covering each topic. The first will show you how to submit your site to the different search engines. Remember, you're better off submitting it to as many as you can, not just Yahoo! or Google.

The second has some very good tips on how to have your site perform better in the search results. Remember, showing up at the top if the search engine results page is VERY difficult with a phrase like "interior design" so it will take some work. Also keep in mind that once you get up there towards the top, you have to keep working to keep it up there, it's not a one time chore.

I'd be happy to discuss this further with you if you have any questions.


Craiglist works great and its usually free.


Web design is a marketable skill, but it is much more than that. Through this medium, you can reposition yourself from vendor to author, creating content and designing it your way. You can enrich your life; the lives of others; and make your mark on the medium – perhaps on your generation. All this and more is possible, when you take your graphic design talent to the Web.

What do designers do? Designers organize information, shape identities, and create memorable experiences that entertain while communicating. Increasingly, designers are performing these tasks on the World Wide Web (the Web, to its friends).


The equation for an ellipse looks like:

(x – h)²/a² + (y – k)²/b² = 1

For example:

(x – 3)²/9 + (y – 7)²/25 = 1

Would be an ellipse with a center at (3, 7).

To draw it, first mark the center.

Then, count to the right √9 = 3 squares and mark the point (6, 7).

Then, starting at the center again, count to the left 0 squares and mark the point (0, 7).

Start again at the center but this time count up √25 = 5 squares, and mark the point (3, 12).

Then count down from the origin 5 squares and mark the point (3, 2).

Then draw the ellipse that connects those points.


I'm not sure that "domain" and "range" properly apply to something that is not a function — which an ellipse is not, because it fails the "vertical line test" — but if the ellipse is written in standard form:

(x – h)²/a² + (y – k)²/b² = 1

Then the "domain" (in the sense of the x-values for which there will be at least one corresponding y-value) would be:

[h – a, h + a]

And the domain would be:

[k – b, k + b]

so for example:

(x – 3)²/9 + (y – 7)²/25 = 1

would have "domain" [3 – 3, 3 + 3] or [0, 6], and range [7 – 5, 7 + 5], or [2, 12].


After an initial review of your SEO metatags on your opening webpage, it is quite evident that you believe that spamdexing and loading of keywords is a legitimate way to artificially elevate your PR at google.com. Unfortunately, spamdexing is not a legitimate means and actually Google editors will penalize your website with a lower PR. Also you jeopardize your current website ranking should anyone bother to submit a against your website: your domain name could be removed from google.com's database!

Here's a review of your current metatags along with some suggested improvements:

1. Current: <TITLE>Atlanta Web Design, Website Design Atlanta, Atlanta Website Design,
Webmaster Atlanta – Elasticdesigns</TITLE>

Improved by removal of (a) the domain name since it's not a recognizable brand name; (b) duplicate entries and (c) the need for more descriptive "generic" terms to describe your services. Also follow the entries with a business locator, i.e., city, state [spelled out]:

<TITLE>Website Designer, Commercial, Law Firm, Affordable, Hosting | Atlantic, Georgia [?]</TITLE>

2. Current: <META NAME="description" CONTENT="Atlanta Web Deisign Company Web Design Company in Atlanta Webmaster Atlanta, Atlanta Web Development">

Improved by constructing a singular sentence which describes your services; not merely a listing of services:

<META NAME="description" CONTENT="We offer high quality website designs, business development, hosting services for commercial, law firms in Atlanta, Georgia">

3. Current: <META NAME="keywords" CONTENT="atlanta, web, design, web design, atlanta web design, web designer in atlanta, web development atlanta, hosting, website design, atlanta web site design, atlanta website design, atlanta web site designs, web designs atlanta, law firm web design, webmaster in atlanta, foghat music, foghat, atlantwebdesign">

Improved by removal of duplicate entries:

<META NAME="keywords" CONTENT="website, designer in atlanta, georgia, development, hosting, law firms, webmaster, foghat music, foghat">

Hopefully you can incorporate the above improvements onto your current opening webpage and see a major increase in net traffic to your website.

Good luck!

P.S. Had you conducted another google.com search for "atlanta web design foghat," your website would rank no. 1 out of 2,790 search results!


script is a bunch of code, web template is a bunch of code that already designed for you by someone,

can we use script as a web page? no,, it's better, it can build webpages that connected to server and serve clients with what ever clients need. and gives back to server and throws back to client and shows the result for you.

that sound better right?


Try Google Local


Sony Vega Pro 10


Templates look like templates. If you want your website to stand out, get a good custom design. If you don't mind looking like someone else, go ahead with the template.


I suggest you also learn just atleast the basics of graphic designing like photoshop. Even if you partner with a graphic designer, there are times that you will still need to chopped and edit the images to match with your codes.


That code looks easy. oooh i'll add it to my experiment's thanks

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