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Website design has transformed the looks of web pages a lot. Most people would want to make their websites attractive and perfect. This is mainly because they want to entice more customers. You can make the basic look and feel on your website to be of good quality. You may use images, sounds and flash effects that entice you for enhancing the site. You must have knowledge in web design to do this.

Here are some rules to follow in enhancing your website: Do not get too complicated. Most beginning web designers have the pride to show off their skills. This eventually ends up in a messy website that will not function properly or completely. This will send your customers away. Make sure your designer makes a simple but perfect website. Your designer should also use a few colors for the page and a general feel. You should also avoid placing music to your page in website design.

It irritates web surfers and makes the pages to load very slowly. It also does not add much on your online image. Ensure that load times on your website are low. If your website consists of slow loading pages then it will not be reliable. Most viewers will term your product as not worth the effort and not perfect. They will one by one leave the site and never come back. Therefore, have it in mind that viewers love fast loading websites.

If yours is slow, then they will look for another website, which is faster. This disadvantage will make you lose your customer and revenue. Use graphics for promoting your business as a basic template design. It will build you a brand identity. This will be important and valuable since it will attract more customers and build sales. Other ways of enhancing your website are making a logo of your website using a small picture. This type of web design attracts the number of viewers.

It should be very special for it will appear on every page of your website. You can advance your website more by using a dynamic splash screen. Splash pages can tell your viewers a little bit about your site. You can make it to tell people anything that you will want them to know. You can also decide to use a farewell window launcher. This is a good way of attracting your customer and a means of appreciating them.  It encourages your customer to visit your website. You can also place subscriptions of your publications in this window.

website design such as daily tip script will also be very useful. It helps you to display daily tips to your website. To make it much easier you can program it with tips for a whole month. It will automatically display the tips each day until the month ends. All this will help you gain more customers within a short period. You will also be able to maintain the customers for a long time. All you have to do is continue giving them the best website you can afford.



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DreamzSite is specialized and having capability to take out all your custom web design with web 2.0 style requirements.


It is the value of the _VIEWSTATE, which is used to store information about the current page, it's postBack, and so on and so forth. Also, you could assign that combination of letters and numbers to a value…For example,

ViewState.set(String variable, Object value);

ViewState.set("VariableFoo", "Hello World");

And then, you could retrieve this value by the following,


Now, what this would return is Hello World…This is good for storing the state of the application or website the user is currently on. Why? Because it's only a fraction of a second when the web application or website is alive on the memory of the computer, therefore, you can use the ViewState, to store some information about the applications current state.
It's not something you want to use too much. I mean, you don't want to make that your way of transfering data through pages, ASP.NET 2.0 and 3.5 has release a new feature of asp.net, the Profile, which allows you to create a variable on the page, store anyhing from strings to collections in it, and then retrieve it when needed.

Hope this helps!

Abdurrahman Qadan


Yes, it is. The objective is clearly understood and verb use correct, perfect conversational English.


I liked your post. However, it is not properly displaying in my browser. I recommend you make sure your website design is compatible with all browsers. Otherwise, Three thumbs up


Templates look like templates. If you want your website to stand out, get a good custom design. If you don't mind looking like someone else, go ahead with the template.


Lot of questions in one sentence!
– A "template" is a pre-designed website to which you have "just" to change the contents. Reserved to amateurs who do not have any graphic skills.
– "Web Development" is "making the design to work", that is CODING.
– "Site Design" or "Web Design": is an artist work to prepare a page/website, the way it will "look"… but does not work! You need the developer (above) to make it work.
– CMS: Content Management System. A kind of Integrated Development Environment that allows unskilled people to chancge the contents of their site themselves. Unfortunately, all CMS are written in complex languages such as Php, ASP, and require that knowledge to be used properly – which means that if you have the skills, you don't need them!!!
These CMS are often offered to "clients" as a website feature (so the client can update his website without the need of the coder. The problem? They are way TOO complex for the clients and are (nearly) never used by the client (or used the first month and then forgotten)
A waste of time, really!
A proper CMS is developped by professionals to fullfill the requirements of the client… and nothing else!
– e-commerce: many scripts available, but ALL too complex: they contain too many features that you do not need. Some of them are 20Meg in size, and the user only makes calls to a few functions. A HUGE overhead for nothing.
A proper e-commerce can be written in a few Kb of code by any professional (and that will be EXACTLY what the client needs).


I use FTP to transfer web templates to our offshore development teams in India


You first launch your website right ? Go ahead and submit that website to some directories (no more than 5-10 directories per day.
After that, my advice is to stick on gaining unique, natural, quality links from established websites, even if they come one per month. I have websites that gained 1-2 links per month, from quality websites (like TechCrunch and others) and who amazingly ranked very high from week 1, never entered the sandbox, and today after 1 year, are on the very top of their niche, in the SERPS, altough they have only a few dozen/hundred incoming links (but from medium to high important websites).


Hey Nick


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Here some important facts to remember about web design:

You also have to tackle the Design Web "Businesses" that
Generate Traffic, Leads and Make More Sales

1. content – "how" you tell your story
2. competitive and marketplace research
3. strategic internet marketing plans
4. search engine optimization for high rankings
powerful web site copywriting


Danr is correct – rename your file index.html. Don't know why any dimwit would have marked him down – give him the 10 points!


In general, I would consider a HTML designer to be a more specific type of Web Designer. This is because there is much more to Web design than HTML – there is Java, Flash (Actionscript), CSS, etc. . .however, I'm not sure what an HTML designer would do if they didn't have at least a familiarity with these other coding languages. HTML designer is, perhaps, TOO specific a term. (There wouldn't be much of a market for one.)

As to blogging, it's simply a personal website that one can use to document day-to-day life. They're usually free, and support text, images, and in many cases, video. You can also (in most cases) edit the html of the blog to make it appear how you prefer. See below for an instance of a blog host.


Joel Lesser: "Reciprocal Linking"

Oh, the connundrum of exchaning links. To reciprocate or not to reciprocate? Joel presented a great look at the pros and cons of a time-honored SEO question. His main points were:

Reciprocal linking can tarnish your site's image if you're involved in full duplex link exchanges, you have no editorial discretion over who you link. Avoid "guaranteed links."
Link exchange can be cost effective, and links are the money of the web. Also, relevant exchanged links may positively influence your search engine position.
When looking at reciprocal link requests, make sure the site who wants to exchange links with you has very good content. Also, investigate whether they link to quality sites and whether quality sites link to them.
Garnering links is challenging: It's time consuming, sometimes costly and the net is rife with misinformation about reciprocal links.
Strategy is vital: Avoid non-relevant sites, and avoid a sudden boom in your link volume. The engines may not be as impressed with this as you think they should be.
Maintain your editorial discretion! There's no harm in repeating this over and over again!
If a site has a link exchange request form, use it. People will often delete link request emails if they aren't received through the right channels.
Get links from businesses with whom you already have a good relationship.
The search engines have never said "don't exchange links." Again, however, avoid a large spike in inbound links. They'll probably see that as a big ol' SPAM! red flag.

Finally, Joel provided a few succinct do's and don'ts:

DO keep linking volume natural.
DO keep your content updated.
DO keep alternative publishing methods in mind, such as putting links in content, sidebars and LinkBlogs.
DO provide a link request form to avoid request emails.
DON'T write lengthy link exchange requests. Two to three sentences is enough.
DON'T require a certain page rank for links.
DON'T link to irrelevant content.
DON'T outsource your linking if those people you use do not understand your goals.

My own words: It's not all about key words. It does not matter what order the words are in. Teach yourself how the Search Engines "crawl" through sites so you know how you can arrange your personal site.

Here's the link:

It's quite a bit to read but it should help you know how to be your own SEO.


Looks like a Div conflict. Footer is in the same Div as your Flash. Separating them should help.
Try this:
<!– Footer was here –>
</div><!– End of Div id="content" –>
<!– Moved Footer out of the Div: id="content" –>
<div id="footer">
© 2010 Tbalonick.</p>


Congrats on buying your domain name! You have taken the first step in conquering the internet. The best thing to do is purchase a program such as Microsoft Expression Web or some other sort of web authoring program. I also recommend you join any number of the website forums out there that deal with creating websites and programming and design. One that I recommend is as well as

Good luck!


mysql has a couple of databases for free
sakila and birth
just do a search for you to know how to get them


You can use SEO tools like keyword analyzer, Meta Data, tagging etc which emensely increases the page ranking.

Create Unique keywords, and ensure that you do not repeat the words too many times just to increase the keyword nos. SE robots n spiders consider it equalent to spamming.

best way is to get your website reffered by websites which have good page ranking. Robots then assume that your website is also good, as the same have been reffered by reputed websites

if your using Firefox, you will get many SEO tools as addons, which can be used for instant analysis of yours and other pages. If you are not using firefox, then switch to it:))




Photoshop is really ment for professionals who are willing to put the time and effort. The pictures you showed are 5 minute hack jobs. They simply took a photograph and used brushes. Litterly can be done in 5 minutes. There are no "Templates" in photoshop for designs. Only for Websites and Buissness Cards.

if you want to take the effort see actual digital artists.
http://www.shadowness.com <– some of the worlds best digital photoshop artists.

The Brushes can easily be gotten from Bursheezy


Now that you've got your domain name you'll need to get it hosted (you can use Godaddy for that too), and then you can use any of the TONS of webbuilding software packages out there to make your site.

I personally write everything from scratch, but I'm a web designer for a living, so if you'd like something easier there's many many options.

Most of them, however do cost money. I haven't used a web template since about 1997 so I don't know what's available now for that sort of thing, but I do know that a lot of people like Dreamweaver and Site Spinner.

Being that I write from scratch with FTP and an open source text editor though I'm not familiar with pricing.

Anyhoo… about css. Basically it stands for "cascading style sheets" and if you know how to use them they are for styling your page.

This site:

has some great tutorials on how to use HTML and CSS.

Good luck!


Remember….when a client come see you for their website…they expect something different and unique from other people…..If someone is giving you short time, at that point, you may advice them that you will be taking a template…..Remember they r your client…and you need to keep them in your hand….


its easy to learn and



That's a good place to start. It has lots of HTML tutorials and goes into other things such as Javascript, AJAX and CSS.


in the website the value is used in a form.

Forms are used to pass data from one page of a site to another. A good example is when you buy something on the internet. At first you fill out a form then you press the submit button, Which sends all of the information you filled out somewhere else on the site to process your information.

on the site <input type="hidden" name="__VIEWSTATE" value="etc"> is shown

notice the type="hidden" this means that this value is hidden from the viewer of the browser. If you would put type="text" a text field would show up instead. name="__VIEWSTATE" is the name of the input or the variable that can be passed to another page on your site. The vaule is what you put in to assing to _VIEWSTATE.

You can not put an image to assign to value only text. I would recommend that you learn as much as you can about forms before tinkering with the value of the name _viewstate.

good luck


__VIEWSTATE is a standard hidden field that ASP.NET creates to persist information across page loads. Virtually all ASP.NET pages will have this. It is normal.


Take the slash off the front of the URL to your image and it'll work fine.


Yes and no.

They have always had some anti-spam filters. Recently it seems they have added a lot of refinements to them. One main thing is, if a website name keeps getting posted a lot, they will assume it is spam and it goes into the filter.

Amazon has been badly spammed by 1000's of spammers lately, so it might now be barred. These were all "affiliates", shops that share advertising and sales procedures with Amazon but might have their own products as well. While spamming is against Amazon's own rules, too, there's really not much they can do about it.

So if a legit user now wants to suggest Amazon as a good place to get something, they have to just say "look on Amazon" because they can't put the link to the product. The spammers have gone and ruined it for everybody.

I have heard of people getting 999 error also from trying to post questions with imageshack or tinypic links in them, too. These are usually not spam, but automated systems don't care, they just go on how often something's been posted. No great loss, most of these image links are part of "am I pretty?" or "what race do I look?" silly questions, anyway.


That code looks easy. oooh i'll add it to my experiment's thanks

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