How Can You Use Premium Web Template To Make A Professional Web Site?

The quality web templates are used to create the perfect and quality internet sites. There are two categories of these templates on the Internet. You can choose the one you want to use in setting up your web site. We have the ones you will pay for and the free ones from the Internet. The paid templates have the advantages and their disadvantages when using them. This one also applies to the free downloaded web templates. There are online templates that require the reticent quality of dollars. They are readily available in the internet for you to purchase them. These web templates are also known as the premium internet templates. They are of the best quality to online business people. This is because they offer a variety of feature that assists them a lot.

Significance of web themes

Web themes are very fundamental for the web sites. They will improve the appearance of your web site to look more attractive. It will not take much to set up your site. You only require a few days to complete your work. You work will be easy to work on and you will just enjoy their offer. They are efficient when using them and they require an instant payment to avoid being followed now and again. However, the only thing that will somehow expense you is the hiring somebody to set for you. You will make your payments until everything gets into maximum satisfaction. The designer will design the style, formats, and the design. Then, you will have your conclusion about the settings. You have to remember that each web template differs in structure, design, and the format.

Desired characteristics of web template

When selecting for a quality premium web templates, their characteristics should be more pleasing to you and your clients. You need to have ideal style for you web site. There will be also a perfect design for your website. These two characteristics should correspond to the theme of your site. Any online business should have a good and appealing theme for customers to enjoy it and use it freely. The theme always reflects the contents of the web site. The clients should have the positive attitude towards your site. Getting the right template for your theme, you will gain more. For example, if your theme was about ecosystem, you have to get the features for nature. This will give the customers the morale to visit your site frequently.

Web themes

The web themes have a variety of features such as patterns, layouts, and formats. This makes your work appear more attractive. They are in good number on the Internet. The standard template is free. You can download this template free from the Internet. If you want to go for the paid one, you will just pay instantly and get your template. Many individuals are coming up with web sites for business purposes. They are of quality and they always have a unique format. The premium templates are there for those people who want to have professional web sites in their business. This is by the use of money to acquire them.



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Programming isn't easy for an artist, it's virtually impossible. (Art is almost impossible for a programmer, so we're about even.)

Art requires a dominant right brain, programming requires a dominant left brain. The last person I can think of who had 2 dominant cerebral hemispheres is known for a little portrait he did – La Gianconda.

To make a website from a graphic, you use CSS to put the pieces where you want them, so start studying CSS, not Dreamweaver. A dynamic simple website? That's as easy as painting a portrait. Teach someone with no artistic ability to do that and I'll teach someone with no programming ability to write websites. Or team up with a good web developer, design the sites and let him develop them.

That's why there's both a horse and a jockey – neither one could win the race alone.


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it's not designed that way…it depends on the who you use for your layout…mine does not do this others do…


Now that you've got your domain name you'll need to get it hosted (you can use Godaddy for that too), and then you can use any of the TONS of webbuilding software packages out there to make your site.

I personally write everything from scratch, but I'm a web designer for a living, so if you'd like something easier there's many many options.

Most of them, however do cost money. I haven't used a web template since about 1997 so I don't know what's available now for that sort of thing, but I do know that a lot of people like Dreamweaver and Site Spinner.

Being that I write from scratch with FTP and an open source text editor though I'm not familiar with pricing.

Anyhoo… about css. Basically it stands for "cascading style sheets" and if you know how to use them they are for styling your page.

This site:

has some great tutorials on how to use HTML and CSS.

Good luck!


ROFL your parents thinking. You should clue them in that there are guys in all professions and majors at school…not just computer science..

Ok – so here is what I think – Web design is an excellent field – you would of course have to keep up with all of the latest software that comes out over time. One idea is that you could major in Graphic Design with a minor in computer science. It would provide a basis of understanding of how computers and networks work in general and as you learn more, you will be able to tie the 2 together.

As an alternative – before tying yourself to one or the other or both, you could look through the descriptions in the school catalog to get an idea of what would be required, then make an informed decision.

Good luck.


hey Webs.com allows you to make websites via ur own html . just go to signup there you will find a option HTML- mode only . There you can use html .


It appears to be base64-encoded.


start its awsome


you can get free templates
you can download from here

but i recommend you to check the site as well and try to do it by yourself 🙂 you will make your site looks better and you will learn new things in the same time.


If you want to learn ? Download Dreamweaver then read this slowly.

Dreamweaver is easy,
First when you open Dreamweaver you go on the right menu you click on files. Then
Manage sites > New > Site >
You choose the site name, local folder for the site.
If you’re using programming language like asp or PHP you should add testing server under categories which will allow you to run your script when you click on F12 in case you’re not using a server side language then just click on DONE.

After that you have the folder you want to work on inside Dreamweaver, so you can add new pages by right clicking on the folder name under the files and choosing:

New file (and you right the file name for example default.htm)

Or New Folder

After creating the file you double click on it you have 3 ways to see the file… Design view (u see just the design) – Code View (just the Code) – Split – (both design and code).

After this done you can click on Modify on the top of the page then page properties or CTRL + J and you choose the page Properties: Like the Font the links the margins … after all this you have a page which is ready to be used…

You can import tables on Dreamweaver by clicking CTRL + ALT + T

Hope I could help enough…

Check this site for more Dreamweaver help CS3

Best Regards

if you need more help ask me…


She knows because it looks generic, templates are always easy to tell… Tell her if she wants a custom job it's going to take longer and cost more. if she says OK, you better be ready to do a good job on a custom site.

I do all of my sites in flash, I have created a ton of my own templates to work with, but when you are writing code instead of pasting pictures its impossible to really use a template.


Well my friend just started college and he is majoring in computer science, which would be the web design stuff and programming. On top of that , he is also doing classes in graphic design. So yes, its possible to learn both in college. And when people say that in their sources, it just means that they actually know about this stuff. Like they do it as jobs or for fun.

Hope this helped



I would have to say, graphics.


That is quite a large website and is probably powered by a custom CMS system. That including the application features would be quite costly depending on the scope of the project. For a smaller version of Reed to 100 pages with only design and not application development, ecommerce integration, it should be 3k to 4k


You are just starting out so let me give you the most important advice. DO NOT charge $50 for a website. Maybe every now and then for a sale or something for some simple site. But do not make it your standard price. Web designers command $300 and up for small websites. Your hourly if you go that route should be between $30 and $50 per hour.

You should let the customer register their domain. Or if they have no clue about anything web related then offer to do it for them. You will also need Paypal for your payments. Another good merchant is Alert Pay which is similar to Paypal. Either way you need to verify the account in order to be legitimate and be able to get the money into your hands.


ANY flash editor will edit flash provided you have the default file or can de-compile the *.swf one.



Your in luck! (If you have an iTouch or iPhone) There is an app called "hair makeover, lite." You can put your face in it and see the cut! Hope this helps!


Lot of great menus already done. Pick one you like:

See following sites for navigation menus:

CSS Library Horizontal CSS Menus:

How to Style an Unordered List with CSS:

How To:

Simple JQuery Accordion menu:
Drop-Down Menus, Horizontal Style:
The Right Way to Make a Dropdown Menu: http://www.sitepoint.com/blogs/2009/04/01/the-right-way-to-make-a-dropdown-menu/


Huh, well how about that.

I tried to post the *FORBIDDEN WORDS* and got:

Sorry, Unable to process request at this time — error 999.


Looks like a Div conflict. Footer is in the same Div as your Flash. Separating them should help.
Try this:
<!– Footer was here –>
</div><!– End of Div id="content" –>
<!– Moved Footer out of the Div: id="content" –>
<div id="footer">
© 2010 Tbalonick.</p>


Say to him this is a one man web designing company not a corporation. Clients will always do this, its in their blood I suppose, I get this all the time myself. Will they realize how many workers work for amazon.com tell them thousands. If he wants amazon.com tell him to buy it. If you are new to php, mysql I recommend studying it thoroughly you must know security otherwise you will be responsible if anything should occur. Well in regards of giving him his money back, basically do what you think is worth it for the both of you. This has to be fixed because he doesn't know what you are capable of and is taking advantage. If you would like to copy this and email it to him you may.


"What would be the cost to improve an existing web template?"


The design of your website, should be directly related to your visitors. The most successful websites provide what their traffic expects in an aesthetically pleasing manner. If you are building a simple website, keep your visitors in mind during the design process.

A lot of new, upcoming designers make the mistake of trying to do "cool" stuff in the site without keeping in mind their website visitors. It really doesn't matter what we like as designers but how effective the design is in relation to the website's goals.

check out: http://www.smashingmagazine.com/


Yes, dreamweaver, do you know html code, if you dont then learn it cause that is how you write websites.


1) Most likely your web host has you on a server with WAMP already installed. The HTML editors you have will be enough to publish your website. However, Frontpage is one you should avoid using since Microsoft no longer develops it or supports it and most web host companies are phasing it out. Nvu is also discontinued so you may want to steer clear of using that one as well. Kompozer is a recent development from Nvu and should work for what you need although Dreamweaver is about the best one out there. I'll provide you with a url for a tutorial on defining a site in Dreamweaver MX, your first step.

2) You don't change the localhost. localhost is a reserved name meaning 'my computer'. Posting a second url for you below to help you understand more about localhost.


Joel Lesser: "Reciprocal Linking"

Oh, the connundrum of exchaning links. To reciprocate or not to reciprocate? Joel presented a great look at the pros and cons of a time-honored SEO question. His main points were:

Reciprocal linking can tarnish your site's image if you're involved in full duplex link exchanges, you have no editorial discretion over who you link. Avoid "guaranteed links."
Link exchange can be cost effective, and links are the money of the web. Also, relevant exchanged links may positively influence your search engine position.
When looking at reciprocal link requests, make sure the site who wants to exchange links with you has very good content. Also, investigate whether they link to quality sites and whether quality sites link to them.
Garnering links is challenging: It's time consuming, sometimes costly and the net is rife with misinformation about reciprocal links.
Strategy is vital: Avoid non-relevant sites, and avoid a sudden boom in your link volume. The engines may not be as impressed with this as you think they should be.
Maintain your editorial discretion! There's no harm in repeating this over and over again!
If a site has a link exchange request form, use it. People will often delete link request emails if they aren't received through the right channels.
Get links from businesses with whom you already have a good relationship.
The search engines have never said "don't exchange links." Again, however, avoid a large spike in inbound links. They'll probably see that as a big ol' SPAM! red flag.

Finally, Joel provided a few succinct do's and don'ts:

DO keep linking volume natural.
DO keep your content updated.
DO keep alternative publishing methods in mind, such as putting links in content, sidebars and LinkBlogs.
DO provide a link request form to avoid request emails.
DON'T write lengthy link exchange requests. Two to three sentences is enough.
DON'T require a certain page rank for links.
DON'T link to irrelevant content.
DON'T outsource your linking if those people you use do not understand your goals.

My own words: It's not all about key words. It does not matter what order the words are in. Teach yourself how the Search Engines "crawl" through sites so you know how you can arrange your personal site.

Here's the link:

It's quite a bit to read but it should help you know how to be your own SEO.

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